Monday, February 11, 2013

Whitney Houston Still Drunk!

Whitney Houston drunk.
The most fun feature of writing this blog is checking my statistics. There is a page that tells me where my readers are, how many from which country and what server they use, and which posts get read the most every day, week, month, and over the life of the blog. It also lists the search words that have lead people to my posts. By far, the words that show up consistently and many more times than any others are "whitney houston drunk" and "whitney houston on drugs."

I did write about the once-lovely, very talented and much adored singer being dead back when she overdosed in a hotel bathtub, so I must have mentioned that she used drugs and drank. Whatever the reason, those particular search terms show up daily on my blog stats page, and lately they have been increasing. I am writing this post in service to those poor lost souls who continue to need to see pictures of Whitney drunk. As if you needed one, here's yet another downside to fame and fortune: you can't even R.I.P.

Whitney Houston on drugs.

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