Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Less Kitty

In case you think you're not alone, try making the decision to end your pet's life. I did that today.

Nobody could help. Not the vet, not my other cats, and not my husband and son who, besides being away, would likely defer to me were they here. Not even the cat in question, since he did not speak my language. I had to imagine that I am a cat, one that no longer can play or run or jump, or walk without pain, or eat with any pleasure. Or even pee into the litter box without missing by a mile.

Gizmo had just turned 19. He had a great life, a long life, and now it's over. That's sad and there is no getting around it. I guess I will just have to feel this way until I don't feel this way anymore.


  1. you are a wise woman. and gizmo was so lucky to be your beloved cat. you did the right thing. PLEASE somebody do that for me when I can no longer hit the toilet or if I am in great pain.

  2. exactly deb . . .
    honey we should all be so lucky as to have someone pull our plug at the right moment. Gizmo lived a beautiful life . . . or, as we know, lives . . .