Saturday, February 23, 2013

Consider Yourself At Home

I finally figured out what's wrong with this blog: There's no advertising! It's like a fucking funeral home in here. (See photo below.) As my grandmother always said, "There's plenty of time to sleep in the cemetery!" So wake up! We need distractions! To compete in  today's super-busy, super-silly and certainly superficial global society, with images assaulting us at every turn, there's got to be more to do than just read a few words, pithy or not! So I am now trying to crap it up and make you all feel more comfortable, sort of like you're at home watching TV or eating popcorn at the movies or these days, even watching a video on YouTube. Sell, sell, sell is what it's all about.
Best Stones album ever!

To that end, I have clicked the, "I want ads on my blog" button. I hope they get some scantily clad women on here, and maybe some weight loss products, and quick--my readership is dropping faster than a Rolling Stone on bad acid. 

Call today and get a second one free, just pay separate shipping & handling. Call 800-444-4444.)

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