Monday, August 8, 2011

Lose Weight and Gain Self-Respect

We've all seen those once-tubby actresses who come on TV looking thinner and thinner and tell you to "Call Jenny today!" Gee, that Jenny sounds great! Besides being my personal weight-loss coach, she'll even send me packaged foods all ready to eat!

News flash: there is no longer a Jenny. She sold her business years ago: "In May 2002, Jenny Craig, Inc., was acquired by MidOcean Partners, a New York and London-based private equity investment firm, and ACI Capital, a New York-based private investment firm. On June 19, 2006, they announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell the company to Nestlé in a transaction valued at approximately $600 million. The company is now operated as part of Nestlé Nutrition."

Here's another news flash: The United Nations estimates that more 11 million people in East Africa are affected by the worst drought in 60 years, with 3.7 million people in Somalia among the hardest hit because of the ongoing civil war in that country. There is no water for the people or the animals or the crops, which means there's no food now and won't be anytime soon.

Compared to those starving masses, even the thinnest Americans are obese, let's not talk about the true fatties who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on weight-loss programs. So before you call the huge corporation once owned by a woman named Jenny Craig, or pay Weight Watchers, another international conglomerate, to let you stand on their scale each week and enter the number into one of their note pads, why not reflect for a moment on how much gruel your money could buy instead, perhaps nourishing a baby born into the hellish reality we glibly call "the Third World." If you still insist on calling Jenny, just ask her to send all those frozen packaged meals to Mogadishu instead of to you.

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